Adding high gain antenna to XBP24CZ7SIT-004


I want to use XBP24CZ7SIT-004 modules with high gain directional (DF) antennas. And i have some questions:

1- Can i use it ?
2- Do i need some kind of booster to handle high gain antenna so the antennas will not burn my modules?
3- Are the products below good to use with xBee modules that runs 2.4GHz like XBP24CZ7SIT-004?

The use of high gain antennas don’t require additional power to run them. All a high gain antenna does is focus the RF energy that is being generated by the radio or its receiver.

While you may be able to connect the a 30 db gain antenna with the proper cables, no country will allow you to connect a 30dB gain antenna to a 2.4 GHz XBee. At least not without having a site license.

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