additional partition


I would like to change the partition table and add a new ‘data’ partition. I used the chapter ‘Change the default NAND partition table (build-time)’ as a blueprint and adjusted the following parts:

  • mtdparts “40m(data),”
  • bootargs “ubi.mtd=…”

After booting linux I can see the partition:

cat /proc/mtd

mtd6: 02800000 00020000 “data”

The last step is to mount the partition in fstab. But how do I ubiformat/ubiattach/ubimkvol using yocto? Is there a default recipe available? My guess is to write my own multiubi_mkfs routine but as this looks like a standard problem I’m hesitating…


you should be able to create an empty ubifs volume on host and flash it via u-boot. it should be enough.