Advanced Web Server

Let’s say that a user is viewing a webpage. How can the Digi, or Advanced Web Server refresh that webpage? For example, if a variable/alarm has changed internally, how can I get the user’s webpage to be refreshed, showing the change? Is there a command to force the web server to refresh the webpage?
I tried calling the Send_Function_XXX from another task, using the correct handle, but it doesn’t work. Is this because the web server needs to process the function call instead?


Or, do I need to place the following into the HTML code:

Is this the only way to get the webpage to refresh itself?

Yes you’ve got it, this is the solution…

First, you cannot use the Send_Function_XXX out of a HServer call, even with the right handle.

In fact, it is all the same with every HTTP Server : it is always the client who asks for a new/refreshed page, since the client is not listenning for server “spontaneous” send pages. This is part of the client/server technology.