Analog Inputs - Read and configure


I´m new with the ConnectCore 9M - 2443 (and the development board).

I need to test the analag input but I didn´t find any example of how to read this kind of inputs.

If you know how to read the analog inputs or an example of how to read it, let me know.

Thanks in advance

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I’m interested in knowing the answer to this also. I’m running the WinCE version, so I guess it’s more of a general question as to how WinCE accesses ADC channels (assuming that the drivers exist)?

Yes, we have an ADC driver implemented. There is also a test application included with the BSP. For more information on the ADC and the test application please refer to the help documents located in the VS2005 help.

In VS2005 just go to Help->Contents.

Then browse to:
Digi JumpStart for Windows Embedded CE 6.0 User’s Guide -> Devices and Interfaces -> ConnectCore 9M Wi-9M 2443 -> ADC (Analog to Digital Converter)

Or you can click on the following link:



Hi Mike,
It sounds ideal, but it doesn’t exist for me! There is no such page in the Help file I have. Perhaps I need a more up to date support CD (mine is Rev 1.5, Jan 09).