Anywhere USB 14 - Enable RealPort Authentication - Shared Secret

Hi All,

I enabled the RealPort Authentication and was just wondering, if I should now need to authenticate with the shared secret, when connecting with the driver from a virtual machine?
I was thinking, that this should be the case, but I can connect without authentication.
Without authentication anyone with the software could connect to my usb devices on my anywhere usb 14. That would probably be in violation of our directives.

No one an idea how this functions works?

I opened a case for this setting. I got the response, that this setting is only applicable, when the RealPort driver is used to connect to a DB9 serial port on an AnywhereUSB 14 device. So enabling this option will not change how USB ports are behaving.

Too bad!

So anyone an idea, how to prevent others to connect to the portgroups of my AnywhereUSB 14?

Yes, Multiple hosts can connect to AUSB/14 to a different groups.
once the host machine disconnects from the group, this group will become available for other host machines to connect.
AUSB/14 does not offer any authentication for connecting to USB ports at the moment.

This could be raised as SPR (Special Project Request) if is required for your project.