AnywhereUSB/5 big problems

Good afternoon,

i´ve bought the anywhere USB5 yesterday in hopes of clarification our problems with xen server vm usb problem and the datev licenseserver.

We operate 3 xen vms in our forest. The operating System is Server 2008 R2.

my first question is:

is it possible to connect port1 with plugged in a dongle to vm1 and i.e port2 with a Printer to vm2? Or can wo connect only to one vm?

my second question is:

What ist the difference between AnywhereUSB/5 and AnywhereUSB/5 (G2)

Thanks very much



Hello maik,

All of the current model AnywhereUSBs connect to one VM. All of the AnywhereUSB ports are dedicated to that one VM.

If you have 3 VMs, they can “take turns” connecting to the AnywhereUSB, but they cannot be connected at the same time.

Here are the differences between the legacy AnywhereUSB/5 and the 2nd generation AnywhereUSB/5:

  1. G2 has a newer chipset.
  2. G2 has a web interface and telnet interface.
  3. The web interface of the G2 includes some additional/advanced features like SNMP.
  4. The throughput on the G2 is about twice as much as the legacy. In other words, it’s a little faster.

Functionally, they behave the same way - i.e. they both connect to 1 PC (i.e. a VM) and they give that 1 PC access to 5 remote USB ports.

Right now we are still shipping out the legacy variation. Once stock depletes, we will then begin manufacturing and shipping out the G2 variation.

Also note that there MAY be firmware updates in the future, after the G2 is released, that update that hardware to USB 2.0, and/or add a feature so different PCs/VMs can connect to different USB ports. I can’t say for sure if, or when, those features will be added, but it’s a possibility.

P.S. We are also scheduled to release a new model AnywhereUSB/14 with the next couple of months that will have the feature you’re looking for - the ability for different PCs/VMs to connect to different USB ports.

hello jeremym,

thanks for that professional reply. i think we´ll buy a second digi anywhere as soon as the new AnywhereUSB/14 is aviable in germany.


I have also just purchased a AnywhereUSB/5.

I am in the middle of a VMware virtualisation project and have just started planning the P2V of some of our servers which have USB attached devices, i.e. Modems and USB dongles. I have tried some of the cheaper devices but they do not have the ability to auto connect and run the application software under VMware…

But the inabilty to connect a port to different server is a major shortcoming, it means I will have to purchase 4 Anywhere servers and all 4 will only have one usb port in use.

I notice that you MAY be making this facilty available but I am unsure if you mean with the G2 server.

Can you please clarify? If its only going to be made available on the G2 I need to return my G1 now and wait.


Here’s the latest related information that we in the tech support group have heard:

  1. A new model AnywhereUSB/14 is scheduled to be released in around the end of April, in about a month. It will offer a new “port sharing” feature so that different PCs (or VMs) can connect to different USB ports.

  2. The 2nd generation (G2) AnywhereUSB/5 will be released some time afterwards, probably in 2-3 months. Upon release, this model will most likely not offer that new “port sharing” feature. Most likely, a firmware update will be released some time after, that adds that feature.

The (legacy) AnywhereUSB/5 will always be able to connect to 1 PC (or VM) exclusively. The port sharing feature will never be available for the (legacy) AnywhereUSB/5.

Thanks for the Info, I think I will return my device and wait for the new product, or find an alternative device, which does do what I want, as my Legacy product will never live up to my expectations, shame as it does a great job, just limited. but to buy a different device for one usb at about £250 is just too expensive. Thats £1000 for 4 USB’s.

In case you weren’t aware, we also currently offer an AnywhereUSB/2 which has 2 USB ports. It’s less expensive than the AnywhereUSB/5. You may want to consider using one of those for each virtual machine, if each virtual machine only needs to interface with 1 or 2 USB devices.

Thanks for the Info, I have asked for a quote from our supplier.

Any update on the Anywhere usb Gen 2 getting the port sharing feature?