API command for reading RSSI

I have to read the RSSI from the XBee connected through an RS232 micro controller to my PC. It works with the AT commands:
+++ -> OK
ATDB -> RSSI in dBm

But I don’t want to wait so long. I read in the manual that one can communicate with the XBee through API frame commands. But I can’t manage it to get the RSSI. If I read the serial port there is no data. But the XBee receives packets from an other module(indicated by the flashing LED)

Did anyone implement somthing like this before?

I’ve moved this topic to a more-proper forum, since Device/Terminal Servers are our “Connect” and “Portserver” productlines. Do you have 802.15.4 or ZNet 2.5 XBee modules?

I have XBee DigiMesh 2.4 and XBee PRO DigiMesh 2.4 modules.
They came with the XBee DigiMesh 2.4 Development Kit

The DigiMesh 2.4 documentation cites ATRC with a channel parameter to read RSSI. It returns ERROR in AT mode and bad parameter in API mode. The ATDB isn’t documented as a DigiMesh 2.4 command, but does appear in 9Xtend docs. I get a return of 00 from ATDB on firmware 8003.

I have contacted the support team for an answer about the ATDB command in API mode. And the response i got is that there is an bug in firmware version 8003 and there will be an new firmware relase in a few weeks where this problem is corrected.
then ATDB command will work in API modes 1/2

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