API mode 1 not supported by ConnectPort X2?


got me started, but I hit a wall. I downloaded “Digi ESP for Python_2.3” then loaded the “Xbee HelloWorld” example and was

successful in having the ConnectPort X2 send a “Hello, World” to my Xbee 900HP, after setting the correct destination. However,

I could not do the reverse, i.e. send data from the Xbee 900HP to the ConnectPort X2. I’m using API1 mode on the node which is

not supported by the ConnectPort X2 firmware I’m using (

pid=3567&type=firmware . I guess I’ll try using transparent mode in my application. The alternative is to use an earlier

firmware, but then python does not look available for use so I’m then snookered and will have to use another processor to move

the data onwards.
Please help.