I am trying to communicate two XBP09-DM using API, I have set the API mode to 1, and tryed to do the range test, following the example in one of the documents, but it doesn’t work at all.
I set the 64-bit addres to the SH-SL of the module which I want to communicate to.

Anyone have an idea on what I am doing wrong?



I would reset both modules back to defaults (use the “Restore”) under the “Modem Configuration” tab. Then under the “Terminal” tab see if you can send broadcast data back and forth with each module connected to their own com port. By default the DL parameter is set to FFFF which is broadcasat mode. This will establish that the modules are communicating.

Then from there I would set the addressing for unicast communication. Then try the loopback test.

The communication works perfectly when I’m not using API. (even with 8042 firmware) The problem is when I want to use API

That makes sense. The loopback test (Range Test) will not work in API mode. In API mode packets must be formed in a structured, hexadecimal format in order to be considered valid by the UART. A received API frame on the remote radio cannot be retransmitted (loopedback) as is. It would need to be restructured again as a transmit packet. A loopback adapter (shorting the Din and Dout pins) cannot accomplish that.

Well the datasheet says that it can be done (the Range Test)… but that’s no really important. Anyway, I solved the problem, I was setting the Frame ID to 0, changed it to 1 and I received the packet on the other side. =)