ARP cache problem with NETOS 6

we have encountered a problem with the ARP cache processing. It looks as if a MAC address in the ARP cache gets exchanged against another existent (in the network) but not correct MAC address. This causes the packets to be sent to antother device. After about 5-7 seconds an ARP request is performed and the correct MAC address is entered into the ARP cache. Nevertheless this effect causes the data to arrive late and then a timeout in the application is triggered and the connection is terminated by the application With NETOS 4 this effect does not seem to occur. Is this a known problem? Is there a solution for it?

Dear Mr. Felczak,

Was there ever any resolution to your problem?
(by yourself or Digi)

I believe I am seeing an identical problem on a NS7520 device running NET+OS 6.1. Lots of multicast on the problem LANs; was that the case in your case as well?

Bruce Lueckenhoff