Atmel Serial Flash with SPI on 4400W

I want to use an Atmel Serial Flash with my 4400W. Specifically the AT45DB161D-SU 16Mbit (4096 pages x 528 bytes).

It appears that the SFLASH.LIB library supports these chips directly, except for the specific model that I’m interested in. It’s my understanding that I simply need to add my chip’s ID, plus it’s configuration data, to the sf_devtable_entry array (“{0x0026, 4095L, 512, 3, 9}”) and I’ll be all set.

=== #1 ===) Is that correct, or do I need to do something else?

It looks like the library is set up so that I can connect the Atmel chip correctly, it’ll work with default setting right out of the box. My interepretation is as follows:



=== #2 ===) Is that the correct set of hardware connections? Do I need to pull any of these signals up or down?

Once I do that, should the thing just plain work?

Thanks to anyone who can help me. I’ve never worked with one of these chips before, but am pretty excited about making it work effortlessly with the included Rabbit library. I appreciate any assistance I can get.