Bind at (225-239).0.0.1

I have faced problems listening at sockets bound a multicast address. So, I decide to use your example application as model to test the multicast. This program is attached to this message. When I bind at multicast addresses,, …,, the tcp/ip stack don’t call the eth_ioctl routine, and didn’t register the address at the rash table. Consequently, the Net50 isn’t able to receive any packet at this address. I follow the setsockopt routine, and it call eth_ at arp_mult_add, after return from arp_mult_add. I wasn’t able to go futher, once I haven’t the sources. I am doing something wrong, I mean, doing a conceptual mistake? If not, someone could check this? Thansks,

Pretty sure i am binding before i join the group. Perhaps thats the problem? I know it is possible to listen on multicast addresses. But you cant bind to the same port number on 2 different sockets. The stack dont support this.

O.K. But in my test, I only use the receive side of the function. And, although I am quite sure that I can bind and Join Group in any order, I did the test and the problem continue.