bitbake build hangs on glibc-initial-2.26-r0

I’m trying to build an image using DEY-2.4 and it always seems to hang up on the task ‘glibc-initial-2.26-r0 do_fetch.’ It just seems to never make any progress.

I’m wondering if anyone’s encountered something similar? I’ve already tried to clean out my DEY-2.4 work environment and do it all from scratch (|System%2520development|_____2 ) but I get a similar result?

Anyone have any sort of insights?

Is it possibly a firewall issue? I’ve built DEY-2.2 successfully in the past, however now even in DEY-2.2 bitbake seems to get stuck on this fetch as well.

what platform are you building for? I just finished a successful build of 2.4 yesterday. Please update Yocto before building
cd /usr/local/dey-2.4
repo sync -j8 --no-repo-verify

Alos you link point to installation of Eclipse not compiling Yocto.

fetch issues means it can’t download the file from the repository. Perhaps grab it manually.