BL2610 RS232 data wrong after power cycle

We’re using two RS232 ports of a BL2610 to read data from two independent sensors. These values are monitored on the Ethernet port. Anytime the power is cycled on the BL2610 values are random. Forcing a reset on the BL2610 does not restore data from these ports. The only thing that works is re-compiling the program. Then everything works great.

The on-board battery is working, 3.1V.

Everything is initialized at the start of the main anytime it restarts. What is different in regards to the RS232 ports between a reset and a recompile?

Where are you storing the data? If you are storing it in the battery backed sram it should be ok.

Its being passed to the Ethernet port. Data is read from a RS232 port, converted to a real value (in ram) and pushed out the Ethernet port. The current theory is a re-compile forces a reset on serial buffer pointers whereas a reset (or power cycle) does not. We are going to do a pointer reset before every read instead of just at program initialization. We might also use the extra RS485 port (in Mode 1) to monitor raw data from the serial ports. We want to make sure this isn’t a problem in the Ethernet driver.