I am new to this, but how do I download an image file thru the bootloader. Based on the bootloader, it is using TFTP. I am running on the 6.0 with the ns7520 development board. I am very lost!!! PLEASE HELP!!!

The default bootloader in Netos6.0 contains an TFTP client wich gets the application image from a server as soon as the application image in flash is corrupted. The TFTP client gets its IP address as well as the IP address of the FTP server from a DHCP server. Have a look at blmain.c in the platform directory. The function downloadImage() does the whole download thing…

Is there any TFTP software that I can try to test this out?

I am looking at the code and with the development board that I am using, I am assuming that I don’t have to change anything. Is this correct?