break off the read / write function on the com port one or two ?

I have a question over the work with the Com interface. I use the Com interface in my application to receive data from a measuring instrument and send data to the measuring instrument. Problem is, the server (connectwisp) hangs up and wait on this point if the measuring instrument does not answer. Is there a function those waiting breaks off if the measuring instrument does not answer?

The problem is repaired. I have forget to open the interface in the “non blocking mode”.


You can also use select() with a timeout on serial file descriptors in NET+OS.

Strange, when i use the O_NONBLOCK flag the open call fails everytime.
In my case the port doesnt block at all, even without specifying the flag.

Do serial file descriptors work with select() in netos 6.3? I’m having problems because for the majority of the time, select() is returning after timing out.

Select works in 6.3, make sure you’ve grabbed the latest patches from the website though.

I’d say it’s probably not blocking becaues it’s erroring out. Try calling getErrno() to get the error message that’s being returned.