Broadcasting a message to all nodes and get their response messages

I’d like to know, can I broadcast a message from a coordinator to all other nodes that each of them has been connected to a device in the line and then the coordinator receive their response messages?

Thank you in advance

Yes you can send a broadcast message to all nodes within the network and have them respond.

Thank you mvut, Is there any document or example how to figure it out?

I would suggest reading over

It explains the addressing functions that the XBee modules support.

Thank you, I have one more question. Assume I have 1000 router, end device plus one coordinator. Also, assume each router or end device is connected to a electrical meter. If I send a command to read the energy from the electrical meter then I will receive 1000 respond from all devices in order? If so, how long does it take to receive the all responses? for example if there is 25 bytes in response message and the baud rate is 250kbit/s(25kbytes/s) then it will take about 1 second?

You are not going to get all 1000 nodes to respond to a blind broadcast poll request. Especially within 1 second. There are data collisions and random back-offs that need to be accounted for. Not to mention any retries that will occur.

To collect data from 1000 nodes, you really need to poll each one, one at a time.

Thank you very much mvut,