C/CON-16 is down

We have recently re-installed a C/X pci card into a SCO 6.0 system, the card and box were previously installed and working in a SCO 5.0.7 system. The software installs, and everything seems OK, but the C/CON is always marked “Down” in the mpi program.
The status on the C/CON is “AC”
There is a terminator plug on the C/CON, but not on the second port on the C/X card. Is this required?
Will the MS-DOS diagnostics test the C/CON - C/X connectivity?

Have you confirmed the node number settings on the C/CON(s)?


Yes, I set it to one.

1n would be the correct node setting for a single concentrator hanging off the C/X host adapter card, so I’m not sure why this would show as Down in mpi. That is a common behavior when node is set incorrectly however so rechecking the node number setting would probably be worthwhile

To answer your other question, a terminator plug is NOT needed on an unused line of a C/X host adapter card.

Chalk it up to brain fade.
I went back to the site armed with spare cables and C/CON boxes, and checked the settings on the box, and it was 2.
I guess somehow I had pushed the buttons in the wrong order, and changed the setting from 1 to 2 in the process of trying to save it.