Camera recomentations fot my Digi iMX53 development kit

I would like to buy 2 cameras that fit my Digi iMX53 kit. There are two 20pin connectors on the board. Are there any recommended cameras that I can buy that work for this kit?

Digi has camera app kit,
This can be used with i.mx53 kit as well. Check with your distributor or Digi sales rep for ordering. I really don’t remember its PN.

Thank you very much. I have managed to get hold of a couple of them.

I have now got the “Camera Application Kit” for my board but having problems loading the driver on the linux command line in the console.

~ # modprobe mt9m111.ko
modprobe: can’t load module soc_camera (kernel/drivers/media/video/soc_camera.ko): No such device

All modules are build and added to the file system.
The soc_camera.ko module is used as is part of the modules that the mt9m111.ko is dependent on.

Any ideas what I need to do to get this to work? I followed the instructions in the Digi user manual but no luck so far to get this working.

Looked in the kernel code and it looks like is failing in the initialisation code of the soc_camera.ko driver, and it appears that a link list containing registered driver is empty hence the “No such device” message when modprobe command is used.

Anybody here managed to get this camera kit working?

I am getting a bit closer.
Looks like in order to get the same configuration screen as the manual I need to add the sample test application when I create the kernel project. Then when I start kernel configuration using:
make xconfig
I get the correct screens as described in the manaul.
Now I can build the actual kernel module for the camera kit I have got which is
However, when I try to load it with modprobe is still does not work.
So I need to do some debugging to see why is not seeing it. At least know I think I am using the correct driver.

Looks like this is now working. I needed to connect the second camera as the configuration was set to use 2 cameras, hence when the driver was loading was complaining as it could not see the second camera.

Not able to use the second camera, however, as the second camera interface is shared with the second display interface and to use it I need to do some resistor unsoldering/soldering on the board.