Can anyone tell me what this piece of hardware is?

Hello, I am currently in the process documenting a network that the old IT guy didn’t bother with putting to paper. Right now everything works in the network, but with the way my luck goes if I don’t know and understand every piece of hardware, it will all crash and I won’t know what to do…

Between two buildings in this network is a fiber cable. On either end of the cable there sits the device I am trying to ID… A Google search pulls up nothing of use to me.

The device is labeled “Digi FL Adapter pn:50000060”
you can see a picture of one of these devices at the following URL:

hitting up the web search engines and only tell me that the device is no longer in production.

I will need to know what options I have if one of these units go bad.

Can anyone tell me what type of fiber wire/connector this device uses?

Anyone know of any suitable replacement if the device crashes? (preferably digi to keep network consistent)

Anyone know the speed limitations on the device/cable?

Anyone got an old manual lying around?

Any help would be appreciated.

I believe what you have there is this: Digi C/X and EPC/X Fiber Link Adapter, part# 76000071.

This is an accessory for the Acceleport C/X product if I’m correct. See the following link for information on that product:

Providing a serial number would be the only way for us to determine exactly what you have.

Those two part numbers are essentially for the same product. 50** is a lower level part number (i.e. for a metal box itself) whereas 76**is a higher level (i.e. box, package, manual, label etc)

First of all, thank you for your help on this…

The only other markings I could find on the device were 6210 and 0032 If I remember correctly (I am getting these from my notes as I am not even in the same town as the devices at the moment) these two numbers were printed in dot matrix below the part number listed they seemed to be two separate numbers but may be the serial number.

If I could verify that this is really the 76000071 I would appreciate it. Is it possible the part number was updated without any major mods to the device?