Can I instead of LU3X31FT by LXT791A?

In our product,there are ARM40, LU3X31FT,and etc. And OS is uClinux(V2.0.38) Can I instead of LU3X31FT by LXT791A? FOR it seems this chip is had to stopping product. If I instead of LU3X31FT by LXT791A,how can I do ? It is no driver code for LXT791A,in source “netarmnet.c”. Give me some suggest,pls. Thank a lot!

Your understanding is correct, Going forward the Enable_PHY (also known as the Lucent or Agere LU3X31FT-J80) has reached it’s end of life and that we recommend customers use the Intel LXT971A PHY. In our next development board designs we use this PHY and follow the same Reset configuration with the LXT971A as we did with the LU3x31FT-J80. NetSilicon has developed a reference design describing how to interface this PHY to the NET+50 (see attached reference design.pdf) The phy driver is mii.c file in Net+Os. In Net+Os v5.0 the supported phys are ENABLE_PHY(The FastCat by Lucent Technologies) , LEVEL1_PHY(LXT971A), INTEL_PHY 2, and AMD_PHY.

We are your customer.And the OS is uClinux. Would you help us modify the driver for LX971A in uClinux? Or give us the source code MII.C in NET+OS. Thanks a lot!

I am currently using Net+OS v4.0 and a Net+50 chip on the board the computer engineer put together for me and I’m getting stopped on the ethernet part of the POST test. I am using the LXT971A chip. I cannot change the ethernet registers (i.e. 0xFF800540, etc) manually using ocd_cmdl for the Raven. Perhaps the user mode is incorrect or perhaps I need to upgrade to Net+OS v5.0 or change some values in mii.c. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Justin

Followed up by Tech_support.