Can I send an AT command through DIGI Remote Manager web services?

Hi, I’m new to the Xbee community. I have a Digi remote manager developer account set up, an Xbee Gateway and an Xbee S2B in router API mode. I want to send AT command to the Xbee router via the web service instead of XCTU. Is this possible? Thanks.

Not via the remote manager but you can use the web services API found within the Digi Device Cloud.

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Hi mvut, thanks for the reply. I’m not quite sure what the difference is between the Digi Device Cloud and Digi Remote Manager as they seem to have similar functionalities.

I have been using the xbee modules in transparent mode to send and receive UART serial data from my pc to a microcontroller. I guess my initial question wasn’t properly worded, but essentially I want to be able to do this with the xbee modules set in API mode, then send/receive serial data from the Device Cloud web services instead of my PC. I’ve been trying to find examples online but I cannot find a clear answer.

Thanks again.

Look over

This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks a lot.

Following that example, I was able to send a serial data from the device cloud web service to the XCTU.

Instead of displaying it on the XCTU terminal, is it possible configure the xbee to send the serial data to another xbee connected to a microcontroller in UART mode?

It will send the data to any radio that is connected to that gateway via RF. It is just a matter of what you put in for the MAC address.

I tired the code you have mentioned but I am getting replay as “Timeout or unexpected exit waiting for response”

            Timeout or unexpected exit waiting for response

That API I gave is designed to work with an X2E running the xbgw Python script.