Can I send reset AT/API command to Digi-mesh Slave Xbee-pro from Master node

I have Digi-mesh Xbee pro s1 Digi-mesh DM24 devices. I want to reset/reboot my slave device remotely.
How is it possible?

I have tried “FR” command via AT-mode (XCTU) and it worked for itself, but my requirement is to send RESET command from master to slave. And once slave will receive the packet from the master, it will restart/reboot.

You need to use the API mode and Remote AT command functions to do that.

Local Node - Remote Node
API - Does not matter
Remote AT command issued from Local node

how I can send the reset command to the remote node. what are the frame and its type?

ex. 7E 00 10 10 01 00 13 A2 00 41 05 54 F9 FF FE 00 00 46 52 11

Is above frame is correct? but it is not working.

That is a transmit request frame. What you want is the Remote AT command frame (Type 17).

Thank you So much @Mvut. It’s working.

how do I send remote AT using python digi-xbee library? I am stucked in this several days (using xbee pro s1, digimesh firmware, mode API 1)