Can i use ads to develop ns7520 with raven jtag????

I have ads, ns7520 develop board with raven jtag. Can I use ads to develop the board ,not using gnu’s product.

I’m not sure I know what do you mean by ADS, but if it’s another software debugger it’s possible if: 1) ADS supports raven 2) Ads supports arm-elf binaries

Is the “ADS” you are talking about Arm’s own tool chain? If so then: 1) As far as I know this set of tools only works with the ARM multi-ICE and several very expensive supported JTAG ICE units… Like the Abatron BDI-2000 with the Arm SDK support package… 2) Raven works with both the Gnu tools (Big Endian only) and the Greenhills’ tools. Unfortunately the elf/dwarf format debug symbols created by the arm compiler are not readable by the Gnu debugger (GDB/Insight) for sure and probably not by the Greenhills’ debugger. 3) If you are intending on using one of the operating systems supported by the NetArm processors then I shouldn’t think the build worlds will support anything other than Gnu or Greenhills… Regards Dave