Can one xbee recognize data received from 2 xbees?

Today, I managed to send data from 2 different xbees to my “master” xbee, and I recognized the packets received (which data corresponds to which xbee) since I added an identifier at the begining of the data (both xbees are getting data from their serial input from a microcontroller sending packets in RS232). Everything seems to be working great for now, but I was wondering the following:

Can the xbee receiving the data confuse and mix the data it’s receiving? Like, is it possible that a part of the data from xbee #1 gets mixed with a part of the data from xbee #2?

Or do xbees recognize which xbee is sending the data and associate the data received with the corresponding xbee, so nothing gets mixed up?

THANK YOU, and sorry if any of this is confusing, maybe my sentences don’t make sense? Let me know :slight_smile: :smiley:

As long as you always send the data as one Data packet into the radios UART, it will never be mixed with data from another radio.

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Thanks for the answer :slight_smile: My classmate got me a bit confused though, so I’d like to know if I’m good to know if I do the following:
I’m reading an analog value (0-5V) with my microcontroller (with incorporated ADC, so I’m getting a value between 0-1023), and then putting this value in a string.
Afterwards, I am sending the string by RS232 to the xbee. I think this is considered a packet, right? I haven’t worked with the protocol for a bit and my first language is french, so I think what I am sending is indeed a packet?
Doing the same thing with the other xbee. Both xbees then send their data to one xbee that receives both.

Thanks again

Yes providing your string is sent all at once without any beaks in the bytes that would be classified s one data packet and it would be sent at one.