Can xbee3 get NI by micropython?

hi, everyone.
I don’t know getting NI by micropython.
Example,“get_parameter(“NI”)” by python.
I thank you in advance for your reply.

This is right from the example found in PyCharm

import xbee

print(" ±------------------------------------+“)
print(” | XBee MicroPython AT Commands Sample |“)
print(” ±------------------------------------+

Read the module’s firmware version.

fw_version = hex(xbee.atcmd(“VR”))
print("Firmware version: " + fw_version)

Read the module’s hardware version.

hw_version = hex(xbee.atcmd(“HV”))
print("Hardware version: " + hw_version)

Read the module’s temperature.

temperature = xbee.atcmd(“TP”)

convert unsigned 16-bit value to signed temperature

if temperature > 0x7FFF:
temperature = temperature - 0x10000
print(“The XBee is %.1F C (%.1F F)” % (temperature, temperature * 9.0 / 5.0 + 32.0))

Configure the module’s node identifier and read it.

xbee.atcmd(“NI”, “XBee3 module”)
print("Configured node identifier: " + xbee.atcmd(“NI”))

Thank you.
I missed that sample.