Cannot add autorun commands in ver

Using either IE or Firefox browsers, I can no longer enter any autorun commands to my device. We are upgrading from version 5212, where you can easily add them.

We need to run a few commands at bootup, and now without the ability to do so, have to return to the known, stable 5212.

Any thoughts or ideas what I might be doing wrong?



I have tried this chrome and firefox and it works

what commands are you trying and what are the errors ?

you should report this to digi support as a bug if you are seeing these problems

When I attempt to add any command, and select “Add”, nothing happens. In prior versions, with the same browsers, entering the command and clicking “Add” saves the line and adds a new line. I’m trying to add “tcpperm asy 0 20000” as well as “web 0 prelogin_info off”.

After further testing, it appears that when NO commands are present prior to the upgrade (fields all blank), and no commands are present in the new version FW (fields all blank), is when this occurs. When there are pre-existing entries in a device (that carry over from the prior version of firmware), the “Add” function works OK in the latest firmware.

I will test with a few more devices (we have hundreds) to verify this, and if it’s repeatable, will enter a bug report.

Thanks for the assist, James!

Hi Mark,

I had a simular issue and I found deleting my browser history in IE corrected this problem.

I also found when updating to that sometimes the boxes wouldn’t populate on the Home screen.

Deleting the browsing history (everything except passwords) also helped with this.