Cannot change the CONFIG_HZ value from Linux menuconfig

I’d like to reduce the Linux kernel latency by setting CONFIG_HZ to different values until I can find a optimal performance for my application. This feature is not available on menuconfig, also if I change display options to show all the options and debug info I can see it depends on other stuff not related to ConnectCard Wi-iMX28. Changing it by hand might affect negatively the behavior of other code then I’d like to hear from you if anyone already had to change that before.

this may cause unpredictable side effects as this affects entire system timings. If you insist on changing it, you should start looking at your param.h file – probably kernel/linux/arch/arm/include/asm/param.h
Kernels 2.6.x have separate setting for ticks for kernel and user space so you are looking at CONFIG_HZ, HZ and USER_HZ defines

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