Can't get Rabbitcore module to connect to Device Cloud when set to static IP

I have an RCM6760 which I need to be able to configure the ethernet port during runtime for DHCP or Static IP. In either mode I need to be able to connect the RCM with Device Cloud. The issue I am having is I can not get the RCM to connect to Device Cloud when in Static mode. It works great in DHCP but will never connect in Static mode. I am able to ping the RCM when in Static mode and it is at the IP address I set it to but will not show up on the Device Cloud. Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

It sounds like your network configuration has the wrong default gateway or netmask setting. With the same settings, can the module ping a server outside of the local network? If you try the HTTP client sample, can you connect to a remote web server?

Please post IP address, default gateway, network mask and DNS server settings when using DHCP versus using static configuration.

You could enable the IP_VERBOSE macro (or some of the Device Cloud related macros) in your program to see if you get debug messages that might help you determine the failure cause.