Can't open port on ConnectPort LTS 32 device

I have a ConnectPort LTS32 and I’m trying to get it running on Win7 64bit.

Driver install appears fine (used package 40002549_G, driver version 4.7.410.0). Multiport device as well as 32 new COM ports appear in device manager. Problem is when I use HyperTerminal to open the port, it tells me it cannot. If I use the “Always Grant Port Open Requests” setting, the port will open but there is no communication and eventually HyperTerminal hangs. While HyperTerminal has the port “open”, if I check the port properties in Device Manager under Port Status, I see Local COM: opened by hypertrm.exe, yet the Device Port: simply says “Acquiring… (xth try)”.

Any ideas?, how can I diagnose this issue?


I recommend to look at this KB for troubleshooting:

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Thank you so much!, that did the trick and I can open my ports now.