can't send 2 digit from arduino to another with xbee s2

hello i have 2 xbee s2 the firmware is api mode API. 1 xbee s2 is a coordinat API-2 and the other Router API-2. so the problem is i send a random data integer int a=random(99); oh btw i use arduino in 2 side so arduino1->xbee(tx)->xbee(rx)->arduino2. back to the problem is when i look in serial monitor arduino 2 it just receive 1 digit number, like if i send a=72 then it just receive the first number, it’s 7. i used andrew library

Sounds like you are doing your data as ASCII instead of Hex. ALL API data is in Intel Hex format. Try converting it. The other way to determine where the issue is, is to connect the receiving radio to the PC and use XCTU to view the data. Either in API or transparent mode.