CC6_Plugin for Android Studio 3.5

I cannot find CC6 plugin for Android Studio 3.5
From File, Setting and then Plugins there is not Digi-CC6 Plugin under “Marketplace” directory. Under “Manage Plugin Repositories”, there are 2 options: either HTTP proxy setting or Install plugin from disk. Either way, can you email me the address and password for the HTTP or the plugin file itself so I can install it from the disk. Thank you very much.
Sol M. Li
President of Liwami Inc.

Are you following this guide?
Did you perform the installation steps outlined here?
are you stuck here?
Select Plugins from the tree on the left of the Settings dialog.

You can also access the Plugins dialog from the Welcome screen. Click Configure on the Quick Start panel and then click Plugins.
Click Browse repositories at the bottom of the page.

In the Browse Repositories dialog, select Digi Extensions for Android Studio from the list on the left. You can use the search box to look for the plugin.
Please ensure your PC has internet access.