Changing channels in xbee pro 900

Can the channels can be changed in the following module?

Resources regarding this are very scarce on the internet. I have gathered that, the changing of channels depend on the firmware. But, does the firmware that comes with this product allow the changing of channels or does the firmware need to be changed? If it does need to be changed, then what is the level of complexity? Better yet, please explain the procedure for changing the firmware.

Thank you.

That product is not something that should be considered for New Applications. The 900 HP should be considered in its place.

However, this product is a frequency hopping product that offers 8 different hopping patterns within the same 20 or so frequencies. You change channels as to say by setting the HP parameter between 0x00 to 0x07. Just make sure that all of the radios within the network are on the same HP value as this determines the hopping pattern used. Choosing different HP values will result in radios not being able to communicate with each other.