changing xbee s1 wire antenna and attach an SMA connector

Dear Admin,

I have read a post regarding changing an XBEE series1 1mw chip antenna to attach a different connector and you mentioned to the poster that its a bot challenging.

my question if i can take out the wire antenna on models that i have and attach either a ufl connector to then attach an SMA cable connector, or if possible to attach an SMA connector directly.

if it is possible to do the above please guide me through this. I am a researcher and i need to have this capability.

appreciate any suggestions.

thank you in advance [:D]


maybe you need a SMA to u.fl assmebly, so you can connector them, or take one SMA to U.FL adapter?

pics as follow link:

Adding a U.FL connector may be possible if you make the proper connections (the warranty will be void). But going to RPSMA or SMA will not be possible as that is a different PCB layout for it.

How will packet sniffing help with a hardware related issue? Please expand your answer and explain how it would help.