Cisco ASA 5505 to WR11 via ipsec

I have a Cisco A5505 with 10 VPN users at my main plant.
I have 4 WR11 unit out in the field that have verizon static IP. I can connect to the wr11 via IP adress only.
I’ve setup my tunnels and they will not connect from the Cisco to the WR11’s.
Does anyone know if there’s a trick to this or does it just not work on the ASA 5505’s


This should be possible.

as long as both configuration options match on both side the tunnel should come up.

if you are building to the wr11 then you can get traces from the transport to see what is not in line.

main issue is usually down to wrong subnets or wrong encryption , diffrent DH Groups



Digi offers TransPort Application Notes (AN’s) and Quick Notes (QN’s) within the Documentation section on the TransPort product line on the Digi support site and I believe some of them are related to this kind of setup. So I suggest looking at those, if you haven’t already. They should at minimum point you in the right direction for proper configuration.