Cli anywhereusb 24 plus client-side cli

I’ve seen in the documentation that it is possible to use the client-side cli.
Is this feature preserved in anywhereusb 24 plus?


Yes, you can set up AnywhereUSB Manager via CLI:

this knowledge base article was for the obsolete 2nd generation (G2) AnywhereUSB products, e.g. AW-USB-2, AW-USB-5, AW-USB-5M, AW-USB-14.
The AW24-G300 is a 3rd generation (G3) AnywhereUSB Plus product with different hardware, firmware, driver, tools not compatible with old G2. see the (G3) AnywhereUSB Plus User Guide:
and related knowledge base articles:
You may also run the command line interface (CLI) through the web console, see example: