Client / Server Application

I am building a system using multiple RCM4200s. They need to communicate via a socket on port 50000. To avoid having to recode each new system I want to use DHCP so that they can reside on any network with a DHCP server, and for development I am using a Netgear DG834G ADSL Router to do this. Most of the RCM4200 servers ‘talk’ to a client PC application, and this works fine with TCPCONFIG set to 5 (DHCP).

Now I need some RCM4200s to talk directly to other RCM4200s. The problem I have is that the Client RCM4200 code refuses to work unless I set TCPCONFIG to 1, i.e. static addressing which will mean I’ll have to recode each system to set it up with the correct TCP address. Not too convenient.

The problem occurs when trying to open the session. My code looks like this:

server = resolve(“”);
if( !tcp_open(&socket, 0, server, 50000, NULL) ){
printf(“Unable to open session”);

The above works if TCPCONFIG is set to 1 but fails if TCPCONFIG is set to 5.

Can anyone help?

Did you get an answer to this query?

Unfortunately not, and tech support at Rabbit hasn’t been any help either. :frowning: