CME 9210 + SPI driver

I’m working in a CME 9210 driver for the MCP2515 SPI/CAN interface. I’ve enabled the NS921X SPI driver in the kernel and now I’m wondering how this driver works.

Is there any example of use about the NS921X SPI driver?
If not, should I implement the SPI functionality into my driver too (bitbanging over the GPIO)?

Thank you very much,


I try something similiar, and I found some documentation in in the kernel / documentation /spi directory.

For my understanding there is a hierarchy of SPI drivers. The The lowest hierarchy controls the hardware of the SPI controller, and the hierarchy above understands the protocol of the chip, which is connected to the SPI controller. Without such protocol driver the SPI controller driver is not visible to userspace or /dev or anything you can see from the console. I assume, the NS921X SPI driver is a controller driver and you need an additional protocol driver.


Hi Thomas,

I’ve found that can4linux and SocketCAN do support the MPC2515 SPI IC. Nevertheless, adapting these drivers for the CME is becoming a hard task…

Maybe I should wait for the release of Digi’s CAN microcode for the Linux platform…