Colliding Packets

Hi, I am using some series 1 XBee boards. I have 2 endpoints and 1 coordinator (attached to a usb of a laptop). When sending two serial messages simultaneously from the endpoints, only 1 message makes it to the computer. I am operating in transparent mode and have tried modifying all of the AT commands but nothing seems to work.

I’m currently operating at 9600, I think if I increased I could stop the problem, but I’d really like to get the automatic resending of collided packets working. I was under the impression that XBEEs do this, but maybe I am wrong. Do I need to be in API mode to get packet resending working?


I think you’re right in your impression: XBees do automatically retry failed transmissions. Beyond that, I can’t see anything in your description that suggests why you might be having problems.

You can use X-CTU to save the configuration of an XBee as a .pro file. If you do that for each of the three XBees and post the .pro files here, maybe that will give some clues.