Communicating digitally between Xbees through C#



I have the “digi xbee dev interface board usb” and I’d like to communicate between two Xbees. At the end I want to have one coordinator and several end points, but I’m taking this step by step.

I’ve made a program in C# where I use the COM ports to communicate text between two XBees who are each connected to their own computer.

My next step is taking one of the XBees out of the computer, and only use a power source and the digital IO pins to communicate with my coordinator - still through C#. By that I mean I want to be able to monitor if IO is high/low (IO status basically) and manually control them (force a low io high etc).

Is this possible with the dev kit I have, or what do I need extra to achieve my goal? I’ve seen people use Arduino and whatnot - is that a must?

I’m also struggling with my C# program as I currently communicate through reading com ports to send text strings. Any input on how I can monitor digital io and manually set io high/low through C# would also be greatly appreciated.

Yes it is very possible. You just need to have the radio in API mode on the PC side and have your application understand and issue API frames.

Sorry I don’t have any sample C# code I can give you. But you can get some ideas from the sample C code used with the Programmable XBee modules. You will find it in the XBee SDK on the support site.

Thank you for your reply - I will definitely check that out.