Compiling Error shows duplicate symbol in a library file, but don't see a duplicate in my code.

I’m compiling a .c file in a subfolder of C:\DCRABBIT. I’m compiling for a rcm3000 board.

The error is “Duplicate ledOut found in file C:\DCRABBIT_9.62\LIB\OP7200\OP72XX.LIB (previous one ignored).”

I checked the other #use files and in my code and I don’t see “ledOut” defined anywhere else.

I’m using DCRABBIT version 9.62.

Does anyone have ideas as to what might have caused this?

Does the error come up on compilation? Is it possible your RCM3000 program has a “#use” statement that brings in OP72XX.LIB for some reason?

It sounds like the #use statements in your program bring in two different libraries that define the function ledOut(). If you temporarily rename OP72XX.LIB, you’ll see which file in the compilation chain is trying to include it.