Comunicação entre Xbee

I´m new with the Xbee. I have 3 pro 2.4 XBee modules. I wanted to prove that the data being sent from 1 to 2 and 2 to 3. Someone could give some suggestions?

You will need to look into the XBee manual.

in AT mode it will be difficult, because you need to reconfigure XBee 2 to talk to one of 1 or 3.

in API mode, you would include an address in every request. So 1 could talk to 2 or 3 by including an address in the API packet.

Iyou wish to just have all 3 talk freely as if on RS-485, then you’d need the 802.15.4 or an older XSC-style technology which can work in broadcast mode. However, you have no mesh then. everythign must be line of sight.