Configuring Port A as GPIO in RCM67xx


Migrating from RCM57xx to RCM6700, I’ve found that for Parallel Port A there are 8 new register for control of each bit (PAxCR, x=0~7) in addition of SPCR and PADR.

These two were correctly written, but for configuring PAxCR i’ve found some problems:

First, there is no shadow register for any PAxCR, so I used NULL for calling function WrPortI(), but it seems to no modify the register because when I read them, still are in 0x00. Also I’ve tried writing values using assembler, but it is the same.

The code is as simple as:

WrPortI(PA7CR, NULL, 0x0D);
printf("PA7CR: 0x%02X
",RdPortI(PA7CR)); // Prints "PA7CR: 0x00" instead of 0x0D

Hello, I do not think you will set and get data through PAxCR,To my understanding ,you can only set and get data through the data register as below

printf("DATA: %x