ConnectCore 6 with Qt5.7


We use the ConnectCore 6 SBC Development kit.
We try example program run on board.
The program maked with Qt5.7 and compiling is good.
But error message when the Qt try upload the files.
“error: SFTP initialization failed: The SFTP server finished unexpectedly with exit code 127.”

we settings to the board. The vftsd service is run. Ssh service is run.

What is the problem?

Thank you for your help.


Hi Attila,

May be you already solved the problem, but to help another people to save time I tell my workaround.

It seems that digi image doesn’t contain sftp-server that required by sftp client.
If you type:
sftp root@digi_board_ip

then you get:
sh: /usr/lib/openssh/sftp-server: not found

To avoid this issue:

  1. switch to Projects mode (Ctrl-4)
  2. for board kit choose Run tab
  3. in Deployment settings disable step “Upload files via SFTP”
  4. push the button “Add Deploy Step”
  5. choose “Custom Process Step”
  6. write in Command: scp
  7. write in Arguments: local_file_path root@digi_board_ip:remote_directory

local_file_path and remote_directory are the same as in table “Files to deploy” in the same Deployment settings.