Connecting xbee module to rcm4300

I’m currently developing a system based on a rcm4000.
Just now i need to connect a maxstream’s xbee module, but i have spent all the available I/O (and most of the memory)…
so i’m thinking about buying a rcm4300.
Could you suggest me how to connect (examples, links, schematics) the xbee module to the rcm4300?
Thanks in advance

Hi i did transmitting and receiving serial data using xbee. here i have uploaded the working code. I am using RCM4010. i dont think there is no more difference btwn them. k then let me the result.
This is the program to transmit a single character which is working fine now.
we are trying to move forword to string. while we transmitting the data if we
press any key on your keyboard, program will be terminatted. connect the transmit and receive pins of xbee to PC3,PC2 directly on core module*/

#class auto

#define CINBUFSIZE 120 //buffer size of input data
#define COUTBUFSIZE 120
//buffer size of output data

#ifndef _232BAUD
#define _232BAUD 9600 //set the Baudrate



auto char cOut,i;


     for (cOut='a'; ; )
      cof_serCputc (cOut);           //Writing the data to serial buffer
  }while(!kbhit());                 //Checking whether any key is pressed or not

printf(“key pressed”);

It was a doubt about how to connect the xbee module to the rcm, but it has been resolved.
Thank you very much dhanraj_kmr, I appreciate your help.