constant period (5ms) data send


I want to send data from ConnectME to PC.
The data which is sent from ConnectME to PC is not lost, but period is varied(min=1ms, max=20ms).
5ms period data stream is inputted to ConnectME’s Serial input pin.

Please teach me best method.

Data Size : 20 to 30Bytes
Send Period : 5ms(constant)
Protocol: UDP

(by Discovery)
[Port Services]TAB
Enable UDP client ->checked
When data under any of the following conditions -> checked
initial match string -> \xffffffff
Strip string before sending -> checked
After the following number of idle milliseconds -> checked, 1ms
After the following number of bytes -> checked, 1024 bytes

Services setting
(ON setting)
Telnet Service
TCP Server (Port 1)
Serial/UDP Server (Port 1)

Encrypted RealPort Service
Telnet Server (Port 1)
Secure Socket Service (Port 1)
RealPort Service
Line Printer Daemon

(changed ON to OFF. initial setting is ON)
HTTPS Service
Modem Emulation (Pool)
Modem Emulation (Port 1)
HTTP Service
SNMP Service
ADDP Service
Rlogin Service
Rsh Service

Firmware is updated (Rev.B -> Rev.E)