Coordinator's capabilities

Hi everyone,

I am sorry if my question will sound odd. I am a newborn here, just working on my final project at Uni and think of using XBee as a wireless solution for my gadget.
I am building a network consist of 3 XBee modules, 2 Arduino UNO, and 2 ADXL345 accelerometers. I want to have 2 pairs of sensors (XBee+Arduino+ADXL345 each) and one XBee - a coordinator which spits out data from those 2 sensors to the PC.
Question is: can that coordinator carry on that role without any additional micro? Just a plain XBee like a radio compiler between 2 sensors and PC?

Thank you!

Yes you can use the ADC function of the Xbee modules to read that data on one module and determine which module it is coming from. But it would be best to use the 802.15.4 product for this then any of the mesh based products.