copying a file from USB autoexec.bat fails.

I have a usb autoexec.bat file that (among other things) loads 3 gif files onto a Transport wr44. It loads the all the requested files but one. The gif is small (8kb), the file name is 8.3 compatible (etra.gif), and it is not corrupted (I can load it into irfanview without issue).

The error that is logged is somewhat less than helpful. (15:47:19, 05 May 2015,CMD 20 Error Result: copy u:etra.gif etra.gif)

Are there any known issues regarding loading files off of a USB stick?

Is there any additional logging that I can turn on to see what the issue is?

Weirdly enough, If I execute a dir u:* command on the WR44, the file is not listed. When I look at the USB drive in windows, the file is there (and loads into irfanview).


What format is the usb drive in?

USB storage must be in fat16 or fat32.

Have you tried another USB key?

What does the “USB show” command show when you run the command?

The drive was formatted FAT16

I reformatted the thumb drive and reloaded the files onto it. The router is now seeing all the files.