CQI SNR mapping

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I would like to understand how the CQI-SNR mapping changes according to the type of channel. I guess, the mapping presented in 3GPP TS 36.213 that goes from CQI=0 to CQI=15 and efficiency from 0.1523 to 5.5547, is calculated for a particular channel or scenario conditions and BLER smaller than 10%.

My first question is if I’m using a particular channel and scenario, do I need to recalculate the BLER vs. SNR and map that to CQI-SNR?

And the second one is that I don’t understand how the CQI-SNR graphs are constructed from the BLER vs. SNR, as I saw that 10% BLER seems to be assigned to CQI=7, but I don’t know what happens with the rest of CQI values.

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What specific product are you referring to?