Creating a MYSQL connection over SSL

Is it possible to create a remote MySQL connection over SSL?
If so, can you give me some pointers.


maybe a better way is to use a middleware… like PHP, Java or even C# and use https for the communication

it is easier and more secure…

What linuxxy means, is make a simple backend web program on the rabbit, and have a full server query it with curl, and handle all the SQL, etc. If you have any questions, just ask me. I am working on a project exactly like this.

Actually, I need this to work the other way, that is, the for rabbit to act as a client to query the MySQL database server, but over a secure connection.

I take your point about a middleware layer, but this would need to be implemented on the server. How flexible are the rabbit modules in getting data back from a website (via HTTPS) or indeed querying a SOAP service?